How We do Business

We provide actuarial and related services solely for retirement plans in the area of both public and private, tax-qualified and non-qualified.

Uncompromised service, impeccable standards, distinct expertise, and clear communication are the commitments you receive when you work with Dean Actuaries

Four Founding Principles

No ethical compromises

Our firm is a pure actuarial consulting firm independent of other interests. We have no financial relationships with any insurance company, audit firm, insurance brokerage firm, or other entity. All our work is on a fee for service basis; we accept no commissions and sell no products.

High technical level of practice

The two principals of the firm are Fellows of the Society of Actuaries with decades of experience. Our approach is to let senior actuaries actually perform all significant, professional work, not merely supervise less-experienced personnel. Coupled with a mandatory peer review process and continuing education, the potential for error is reduced to an absolute minimum. We employ only textbook actuarial methodology following all recommendations and interpretations of the American Academy of Actuaries.

Highly focused on retirement plans

We do not attempt to be expert on all matters or all actuarial disciplines. We practice solely in the area of retirement plans, both public and private, tax-qualified and non-qualified. We provide virtually all actuarial and related services for retirement plans: design, funding, administration and outsourcing, employee communications, and government compliance.

Clear communication with our clients.

We have a cooperative partnership philosophy with our clients and work flexibly with them to serve their interests. We also work harmoniously with other advisors, such as attorneys, accountants, and investment managers. Providing the best service to our clients requires clear, understandable communications, as well as technical competence. We want our client decision-makers to understand all options available to them, and the advantages and disadvantages of each option.

The Firm's Standard Practices

  • We are and will remain a pure consulting actuarial firm assisting our clients in the design management and administration of retirement plans. We have no other business.
  • We are and will remain a completely independent firm with no financial ties to other businesses. Specifically, we do not sell insurance or financial products and have no ties to audit firms, compensation consultants, or insurance brokerages.
  • All our services are provided on a fee for service basis – time and expenses or agreed upon fee. We accept no commissions. All our compensation is disclosed to the client.
  • Our only allegiances are to our clients, the participants of a retirement plan, our profession and the general public. Conflicts of interest cannot be allowed.
  • We only accept assignments within our field of expertise. Requests for assistance in other areas (such as property and casualty actuarial consulting) must be declined. The client may be given a referral to an actuary qualified in such an area.
  • We only accept assignments from organizations we believe to be honest and straightforward in their dealings with organizational purposes in harmony with the general good.

Consulting Actuaries Actuarial Associates

Shall put our clients’ interests before our own.

Shall meet all professional guidelines and standards of the Society of Actuaries and American Academy of Actuaries.

Shall be honest in all our dealings.

Shall seek peer review within the firm before releasing any significant results or consulting advice.

Shall participate in an ongoing program of continuing education.

Shall disclose in writing any significant limitations and caveats with regard to actuarial or consulting work products.

Dean Actuaries helps plan sponsors manage their retirement plans at the highest possible level.