John Kaspar

Support Actuary and Actuarial Programmer

John has 18 years of experience as an actuarial assistant and employee benefits consultant; he has provided pension consulting services to public plans for his entire career. He came to Dean Actuaries from Foster Higgins, a national consulting firm.

John graduated from Texas A &M University with a B.S. in Applied Mathematical Sciences. He has passed a majority of the actuarial exams required to become an Associate of the Society of Actuaries.

Representative Projects

  • Employee benefit calculation systems programming
  • Annual and quarterly pension plan and 401(k) benefit statements
  • Annual pension valuations for ERISA funding and FASB accounting requirements
  • Nonqualified executive pension plan implementation scenarios and cost studies
  • Municipal and ERISA pension plan terminations
  • Defined contribution plan nondiscrimination compliance testing and corrective measures\proactive adjustments
  • Programming a defined benefit recordkeeping system for a multi-employer municipal retirement system.

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