Excel Excel Add-ins

Dean & Company has got the add-ins for your pension needs.

The following add-ins are located in one zip file - AddIns.zip.

Social Security

Instructions: After unzipping the AddIns file, copy the add-in files (.xla) to the Library folder of your Excel program.  Next, run Excel, and choose Add-Ins... under the Tools menu option.  Check the box next to the desired add-in option and OK.   If it does not show up, you have either copied the file to another location (in which case you can Browse... to find it), or you have not gotten out of Excel and subsequently back in after copying (in which case you can get out and back in, or Browse).

These programs have been checked against other programs, but you are encouraged to check them yourself before relying on them.  They are complimentary from us, Dean & Company, to anyone interested.


If you have questions or comments, please contact us at Dean & Company.