The following is a projection model which shows how your savings
will grow in the future. The projection uses the following assumptions:
  • Inflation is not factored in (before or after retirement)
  • Rates of return examples are limited to 9% before and 5% after retirement
  • Years in the projection are shown in whole year increments
  • Starting account balances are rounded to the nearest $10,000
  • Annual contributions are rounded to the nearest $500

Current Age: 35 
Account Balance: $100,000 
Annual Contribution: $2,000 
Annual Contribution Increase:
(ie, salary increase)
Rate of Return: 3% 
Projection Years:
(age 65)
Projected Balance: $0
To determine how your projected balance will pay out,
set an anticipated rate of return, then slide either the
years worth of payments to get a monthly amount, or
slide the monthly amount to get the years.
Retirement Rate of Return: 2%  
Years worth of monthly payments:
(to age 90)
Monthly payment: 500